The Warning Signs Your Child Might Need Glasses

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Detecting the early stages of vision problems in children is essential for giving them the best care and correcting the problem quickly. It’s important to recognize the signs that your child may need glasses. Here are six traits that will tell you if your child is having a problem with their eyesight.

Is your child squinting?

If your child is squinting constantly, it may be a sign that they’re experiencing a refractive error within their eye. This can affect how the eye is able to focus. Squinting temporarily provides clarity for whatever they’re trying to focus on. It can also be a reaction to overly bright lighting, as squinting can reduce the amount of light reaching the back of your eye.

Are they tilting their head?

Tilting their head to adjust their viewing angle or covering an eye is usually an attempt to clear up their vision. It could mean that the child’s eyes are misaligned or that they’ve developed a strabismus, a common cause behind lazy eye. This is a common occurrence in children. They might even be experiencing double vision when looking in a specific direction. The need to tilt their head is to help minimize the double vision effect.

Holding objects close to their face?

Whether it’s an electronic device or a book, a child holding something extremely close to their face is a clear sign that they’re having vision problems. Nearsighted individuals are able to see items that are closer to their face rather than set at a distance. If you notice this kind of behaviour happening often, then it’s time to book an appointment with your eye care professional before their vision worsens.

Excessively rubbing their eyes or tearing?

This can be caused by a simple case of allergies, or it may be an indicator of eye strain or fatigue. Eye strain is often a sign of vision problems that can vary between minor to severe conditions. It’s also common for excessive tearing in the eyes to occur during the day. When children sleep, their eyelids don’t close completely, causing them to dry out during the night. Extremely teary eyes can conflict with good vision.

Experiencing headaches or discomfort?

The appearance of constant headaches or pain behind the eyes in children may be a sign of them overusing their eyes, straining them in an attempt to focus through blurry vision. This occurs often in children with uncorrected farsightedness.

Do they point while reading?

Following a text line by line with their finger can be an indication that the child has vision problems. These issues prevent them from recognizing letters or words that are close to one another. There may be other issues preventing them from clearly distinguishing or concentrated on what they’re reading, so it’s important to talk to an eyecare professional.

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