The Difference Between Metal and Plastic Eyeglasses

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The debate for metal vs. plastic frames has been going on for years, and for good reason. With the advancements in the world of eyeglasses, both materials provide people with both great and not so great experience. If you need help deciding which route is best for you and your lifestyle, then this is the guide for you!



Fine Adjustments that Stick

Because metal glasses come with nose pads, you can finely adjust the glasses to better fit your face perfectly. Unless you have a perfectly straight nose, plastic glasses without those simple nose pads won’t fit as comfortably and tend to slide down the nose more often.


Great for Active Lifestyles

Because of the lightweight and flexibility of metal frames, specifically titanium which is more than 40% lighter than other metal frames, they’re great for active people.


Not Great for High Rx Lenses

If you have a higher than average prescription, it’ll result in your lenses being pretty thick. When you choose metal frames like titanium, stainless steel or Monel, be prepared for your lenses to poke out past the frame. For particularly heavy or thick lenses, they can even fall out of the metal frame.


Screws and Joints

With metal frames comes with the possibility of the screws popping out every now and then if you tend to be rough with them. The screws are necessary to keep the joints mobile, hinges that are also susceptible to breaking if you’re not careful.




It’s Sturdy

Because there aren’t several little pieces screwed together as you’d find with metal glasses, you’ll be able to feel how much sturdier plastic frames are. While they might feel more stable on the face, just keep in mind that sturdy doesn’t always translate into durable.


The Lens Edges are Hidden

As mentioned before, higher prescriptions mean thicker lenses. If you’re someone who has a high prescription but doesn’t want to deal with your lenses potentially falling out of your frames, then plastic frames are the way to go. They also do a great job of hiding the edges as they’re usually thicker than metal frames.


They’re Stylish

While you have the clean, minimalistic look of metal frames, plastic ones give you more opportunities to show off your personality. With the wide variety of colours available, especially for kids, you can find your ideal appearance without worrying about the colouring chipping off.


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