Progressives vs. Bifocals

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When it comes to your sight, you want the best, which is why it’s important to understand the difference between bifocals and progressives should your optometrist recommend one over the other. 

If you require reading glasses in addition to your other pair of glasses, bifocals are the solution because they are a more convenient option as opposed to carrying around two different pairs of glasses. There is a visible line that divides bifocal lenses into two viewing areas; the larger area is for viewing distance while the smaller area is meant for reading.

There is an adjustment period when you start wearing bifocals because it takes time to learn how to move your eyes between the distance area and the reading portion. You may find the lens to be a little challenging but wearing them as much as possible will help you get used to them and allow you to navigate your eyes comfortably. 

Progressives, on the other hand, do not have a visible line between each of the viewing areas and instead have a seamless, almost invisible design that allows the power to continuously change throughout the lens. Progressives are essentially multi-focal lenses that have three viewing areas as opposed to the two that bifocals have. The three viewing areas are distance, intermediate and near vision. The main viewing area in a progressive lens is dedicated to distance and a smaller portion at the bottom is for near vision. There is an even smaller area in the lens for intermediate vision located in the middle. When driving or walking, progressives are an ideal choice because the main emphasis is placed on distance, which is perfect for such activities. Reading or working on your computer will not be a problem either because a portion of the lens focuses on near-vision making progressives the perfect all-purpose glasses. You can have the convenience of three different kinds of glasses, all in one pair. 

People often confuse the terms bifocals with progressive but there is a key difference which is the line in the lens. In one case, it is visible while in the other it is not. Since progressives do not have the line in the lens, people prefer to wear them over bifocals and are a much more popular lens option. 

Now that you know the differences you will be better informed when your eye doctor makes a recommendation. Whether they suggest bifocals or progressives you will know the right information surrounding each option so that you can participate in the discussion and select the lens that is best for you. Eye View Optical Waterloo can help with your vision and ensure that you see clearly, so give them a call today for all of your eye care needs!

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