Progressive Lenses

What are Progressive Lenses? A Progressive Lens is an eyeglass lens that has a smooth transition in between parts with simple and different focal lengths, used when correcting for vision at a distance to solve a vision problem for those who have eye problems. When buying these Lens, you must know the best features depending on the eye problem you want to correct. Ultimately, you will be able to buy high quality lenses from the dealers.


Here are the 4 common types of lenses:


Standard Progressive Lenses

For those who would like to buy trifocals or bifocal, standard progressive lenses should be the best option. They are affordable thus will fit most budgets. Since they sell at standard prices, these progressive lenses are higher than the regular trifocal lenses or flattop bifocal. However, when you do your research before buying standard progressive lenses, you will get a good one from the market.

When using them, you will have a wide reading area, but need a certain sized frame enable you have enough vertical height thus giving you smooth transition from any distance when reading.


Short Corridor Progressive Lenses

The lenses are more expensive when compared to the standard progressive lenses in terms of prices. They have short corridor progressive lenses designed to fit well in smaller frames. They have a wider viewing angle that makes them among the best options you would have especially when buying them from the market. When buying, you should know the basic features if you wish to purchase a high quality.


Computer Progressive Lenses

These lenses also called “near variable focus lenses”, or “office lenses” are designed for office usage. When you use them, you will obtain a clear vision that is about 16 inches to 5 feet. These computer progressive lenses are perfect for people who need clear vision at an intermediate as well as near distances like painters, artists, hairdressers, mechanics, dentists, librarians, editors and draftsmen.

These lenses can offer you better posture, thus making it very easy to hold up your head in a natural position. This makes them among the most common lenses sold in the market today.


Premium Progressive Lenses

A premium progressive lens also called “wave-front technology” or “free-form design” provide a wider and distortion-free reading area. When you use them, your vision will be clearer, since they are usually 100 percent digitally surfaced. When buying them, you can always customize them as per your prescription to achieve your desired focal point whenever you are using them. They are more expensive than entry level or standard progressive lens. This means you will spend more money when buying them. They offer quality vision when you use them.


In Conclusion

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