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Eyeglasses are a type of frames holding lenses that are worn in order to correct vision. They are also known as spectacles or simply “glasses”. Worn in front of the eyes, eyeglasses afford the individuals wearing them better eyesight. Glasses can be worn for practical purposes (improving sight), or for style purposes (fashion for those who need glasses or do not).


Types of Eyeglasses



Corrective eyeglasses correct errors in refraction. They work by bending the light that goes into the eye and are used for individuals who experience myopia (nearsightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia. Types of corrective glasses also include pinhole glasses, which don’t have lens but work using a diffraction system.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are commonly used by many individuals over fifty. They go by many names, but generally are used for reading. Two types are typically sold: full frames and half eyes. Full frames have entire lens made to prescription, while half eye style reading glasses sit lower on the nose and do not have full frames. Half eye reading glasses have the advantage of not needing to be removed in order to see distances. A variety of stores carry reading glasses in Waterloo, including grocery stores, pharmacies, wholesale stores, and even clothes and book stores. They do not account for distance prescription, making them effective for reading but not much else. Many owners of reading glasses also have a separate pair of glasses for their everyday seeing needs.

Single Vision

These types of lenses are crafted to accommodate one distance, usually far.


Bifocals are a commonly known type of glasses. They have two segments that help with different types of vision. The top is used for distance vision, and the bottom for near vision. Bifocals allow for two types of vision to be accommodated and are a popular choice for those who need both types of vision corrected and do not wish to switch between two pairs of single vision glasses.


Trifocal lenses are just like bifocals, but there is a third segment in the middle that corrects for intermediate distances that are close, but not close enough to justify reading glasses. Trifocals have two segment lines dividing the lens instead of one like the bifocals.


Progressive addition lenses are also known as varifocals. They offer the user clear vision no matter what the distance due to their lack of segment lines and a transition from near to distance correction. Progressive lenses are called “no line bifocals” because of their noticeable exclusion of segment lines.

Adjustable Focus

Adjustable focus lenses, also known as variable focus lenses, are for users who want clear vision for any distance. They work by adjusting the focal length and are commonly prescribed for those with presbyopia.

When You Should Get Eyeglasses

You should eyeglasses as soon as possible! If you are in need of new glasses, now is the time to go get your eyes checked out and purchases a pair. Waiting is only going to delay your ability to see. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer your vision becomes! If you are an active driver on the road, it’s imperative that you have correct vision. Driving without proper vision ensures that having an accident (or worse, striking someone with your vehicle) is only a matter of time. You should get glasses when your prescription needs to be updated, something that an optometrist will be able to help you determine.

Why You Should Get Eyeglasses

Our sight is a natural and important part of our daily lives. If you’ve ever had to squint to see the road signs or ask someone to help you out when reading a menu in a restaurant, you probably need to get Waterloo eyeglasses. Why suffer with a lesser quality of life? Getting eyeglasses restores your senses to where they should be and improves your overall quality of life. It’s amazing how much we go about our daily lives and accept our status quo.

You should get eyeglasses in Waterloo if you are experiencing poor vision, are developing fine lines due to the amount you squint, are an active driver, or just want to restore your quality of life to where it used to be. Certain glasses also protect your eyes from damaging ultra-violet light. Many people are nervous about making an appointment with an eye doctor for fear that their vision has deteriorated, but the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. Don’t settle for poor vision any longer– see an eye doctor and get yourself a current pair of eyeglasses in Waterloo today!