Different Eyeglass Lens Coatings

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You can wear eyeglass as a way of improving your eyesight or as a way of trying to hide aging lines. In both cases, Eyeglass Lens Coatings are very necessary. Your eyeglass will serve you better after you decide to have Eyeglass Lens Coatings in place. There are different eyeglass providers in Waterloo from where you can buy your eyeglasses from. In order to ensure you are buying eyeglass which will serve you well, you should ask whether the glasses have been applied the Eyeglass Lens Coatings. Here are common types of Eyeglass Lens Coatings available in Waterloo:


Anti-reflective coating

This is a reflective surface applied to new glasses as a way of reducing the problem of glare. The anti-reflective coating will reduce reflections which will be produced by the glasses. This will lead to reducing glare to a great extent. Other benefits of applying the coating include creating a nice cosmetic appeal.


Scratch-resistant coating

Most eyeglass lenses will be affected by scratch. This will occur when you will be cleaning the glass with the paper towel or after the glass are dropped accidentally. The coating leads to the application of a resistant coating which will cover front and back of the lens to assure you great resistance to scratch while handling your eyeglass. The coating is very effective in kids who sometimes mishandle the eyeglasses.


Ultraviolet coating

UV rays can easily harm your eyes. In order to prevent the rays from harming your eyes, you can have a film which will be resistant to the rays applied on your eyeglasses. Application of the coating will avoid cases where you will be exposed to dangers of exposure to UV rays such as retinal damage, cataracts, and other problems.

Tinted lenses

This is an application of a dark hint of color on the lenses. The tint will help the eyes in many ways. For example, the tint can be of different colors which will have varies effects. A grey tint will alter the color perception of the sunglasses, a yellow tint will increase contrast and a light tint will easily hide the lines of aging on your eyes.


Mirror coatings

This is a coating that will hide your eyes from view. If you will like to buy a cosmetic eyeglass which will hide your eyes from the view of other people, then apply this coating is among the best ideas you can embrace. The mirror coating comes in different colors, you can decide to have a blue mirror coating, gold or silver.


Anti-Fog Coating

If you live in places where fog is common, then you may have been suffering from impaired vision due to deposition of fog on your glasses. It is very easy to get rid of fog deposits on your eyeglasses after you decide to buy those that are fog coated. With Eyeglass Lens Coatings that are fog proof, you will have clear vision irrespective of the fog. Deposition of fog on your eyeglasses can be very risky when driving your car or in other activities where you will be required to be alert.


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