Contacts Vs Glasses

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After realizing you need to wear corrective eyewear at all times, you will need to decide which option is best for you. Choosing contact lenses or eyeglasses will depend on comfort, lifestyle, budget, convenience, and aesthetics. Keep in mind that one is not necessarily better than the other as each has pros and cons. Here is a thorough examination of both to help you make your decision:

Contact Lenses


  • Relatively unaffected by weather conditions. It will not fog up in cold weather or become wet from rain as glasses would.
  • Do not clash with what you are wearing
  • Do not fall off if exercising or playing sports
  • Provide a wider field of view and cause less vision distortion and obstruction
  • There are a variety of colours available if you want to try out different eye colours. There are even special effects contact lenses for Halloween or costumes


  • Decreases the amount of oxygen reaching your eyes, which can cause eyes to become dry
  • It can be tricky putting contact lenses in
  • If you work on a computer frequently, contacts can strain your eyes
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly lenses require constant care to ensure the contact lens case, and lenses remain clean. Less attention is necessary for daily disposable lenses if you find this care too demanding
  • Most contact lenses need to be taken out of your eyes daily. there are extended wear options that let you wear them for up to 30 days



  • You do not need to touch your eyes directly, which reduces the likelihood of irritation and infection
  • Generally cheaper than contact lenses. Even if your prescription changes yearly, you can replace just the lenses and keep the same frames
  • Ideal for sensitive or dry eyes as glasses will not make the problem worse
  • You can express yourself more with unique and trendy frames. Glasses can also make you look more sophisticated
  • Offer some protection from the elements like wind, debris, and dust
  • Although certain contact lenses can block some UV light, eyeglasses can block 100% of it and also protect your eyelids


  • Glasses can distort your peripheral vision since they sit on your nose about a half inch from your eyes
  • A stronger prescription means thicker lenses, which can look unattractive as it can distort the appearance of your eyes
  • You may not like how you look with glasses on
  • Ill-fitting frames can put pressure behind your ears or on your nose, which could lead to headaches or general discomfort
  • It is likely to fog up when leaving a warm building to go outside in cold weather
  • Your eyesight can be limited or obstructed where your frame ends

You could also opt for both depending on different situations. Advances in contact lenses make it easy for anyone to wear them, even if they prefer glasses most of the time. Glasses are a good backup option for contact wearers. Be sure to have an updated pair in case of infection, irritation, or if you just want a break from your lenses.

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